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2 Nov 10 @ 03:00pm by Katelin Nelligan

ZOMBIES invading St Kilda, blood spurting from mummies and
skeletons walking the Earth - it is all in Darren Koziol’s comic book.

It was the Salisbury resident’s lifelong love of comics that prompted him to make his own.
The first issue of Decay was published in March after a year of planning. Mr Koziol says it has since grown to become
the largest Australian-made comic series being sold. “We have so many talented artists and writers in Australia and I
hope this will give them an opportunity to keep their work here, rather than going overseas,” he says.

The 36-year-old edits, publishes and commissions work for the comic, as well as writing some of the stories. One story called Oz Zombie involved a zombie invasion across the world, with scenes set in St Kilda, Semaphore and the Adelaide CBD. “It’s important to make the comic something people in Australia can identify with,” he says. “I’m hoping that will help to boost its popularity, because most comics that can be bought here are from the US or UK. I love cars, so I make a point of using Australian cars in all my comics.”

Mr Koziol says he has been thrilled to have famous artists and writers, such as David DeVries, Glenn Lumsden and Dave Heinrich, calling him to be part of the project. “These guys have been involved in projects like The Phantom and Batman overseas, so to have them knocking on my door, offering their work for free, is just amazing,” he says. As for the future, Mr Koziol has his sights set on the big screen. “I’m hoping we can branch off into other things.
“We’ve got some children’s books in the works and I’ve also been in touch with people from the film industry. “Everyone’s so excited to be involved in producing something here in Australia.”

Decay is available from Kollectable Kaos, Research Rd, Pooraka, and comic specialty shops in the city.

Sponsors needed. DARK OZ is urgently seeking funds to continue printing DECAY, which promotes the works of dozens of Australian creators. Please contact us if you can help in any way. Everyone else: keep buying DECAY and spread the word. With more funds DARK OZ can continue attracting great creative talents, continue raising the quality of the comics, and publish more comic books, as there's plenty of talented creators out there.
DECAY creator/editor Darren Koziol with Laura Vandervoort. Laura has her copy of DECAY.
DECAY #15 - March 2013.
The 3-year anniversary issue of DECAY has been one of the most popular issues to date, with one of the stories from this issue, 'Death From Above', also being selected (by Kevin Eastman) to run in Heavy Metal magazine (issue #268, May 2014). This is the first time that an issue of DECAY has been released with multiple covers, by a line up of incredible Aussie creators. There are 10 stories in total, including two "Sisters" stories and four "Oz Zombie" tales (by four different writers).

A 'Mature Readers' title, definitely not for the squeamish, from some of the best creators in Australia. Classic exploitation and Ozploitation comes to life in DECAY, in the classic tradition of cult movies from the 70's and 80's. There are five complete stories featuring some very disturbing subject matter, over the top violence, nudity and plenty of gore.
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #1

Take a nostalgic trip to the good old days of science fiction, with seven all-new stories written and drawn as if we were living in the past imagining the future. This is a PG rated comic but aimed at the adult market. Fans of classic science fiction will love the stories and fantastic art in this issue from many of the best in the industry. Each short story opens with its own splash page 'cover', as if to another fictional magazine. There are a total of nine splash-pages/'covers' and seven complete short stories. This issue is 52 pages in full colour and is selling super fast. There is some amazing work in this comic, as sampled in the images here.

52 pages, full colour, seven stories, nine 'covers', nineteen contributors in total. 1st print getting low in stock, now $30.00 per copy, including postage in Australia. 2nd print will be released in 2019
Copyright DarkOz. All rights reserved.
September 2014

Thirteen complete stories by two-dozen amazing creators. Awesome front cover by Nahum Ziersch. 28-pages in colour, 24 in B&W. Two stories of the sexy Vampire 'Sisters', including "Class of 2014". "Bacchus Marsh - the Werewolves of Melbourne" with an amazing back cover by Chris Wahl.
Cost = $14 (includes postage, in Australia)
The 'Aussie Classics' issue, "history in the making" - all-new stories of Bug & Stump, Hairbutt The Hippo, Da 'n' Dill, The Southern Squadron, The Dark Nebula, and Greener PasturesAll in one comic for the first time EVER!  All by their original creators (with a couple 'guest' artists).
    Now on SALE!!!  Normally $15.00 (posted), now only $120.00 - with your choice of cover (covers A to G).  OR get the special 'cover H' variant with 8 extra pages (a bumper 60-page special)!!!  Cover 'H' contains ALL seven covers without their cover titles (it's the 'virgin' art)!  Cover H is available in 2nd print for only $28.00 (posted) or the almost sold-out limited 1st print is $72.00.
    Original creator Dave de Vries has written The Southern Squadron's first story in over 15 years, with incredible art by Dragan Vignjevic.  Tad Pietrzykowski and Colin Wells bring The Dark Nebula back to comics.  Dillon Naylor and Greg Gates supply an all new story of Da 'n' Dill.  Jason Paulos returns with Hairbutt The Hippo.  John Petropoulos and Mark Sexton liven things up with Bug & Stump.  And Michael Michalandos and Tim McEwen give us Trevor in Greener Pastures.
    All this behind variant covers for each character/group.  Plus short stories of The Vampire Sisters and Oz Zombie.

52 pages, 46 in colour, eight stories, seven standard variant covers and one bumper variant.
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #2
April 2015

Amazing stories and incredible art, you'll love everything about this issue. There are six super cool 'retro' inspired science fiction stories, including two serialised stories (to be continued in issue #3). Dinosaurs, damsels in distress, WWII battleships going back in time, Martians, flying saucers, Amazon women on alien planets, and more dinosaurs. It's an action packed blast from the past, with a new 'cover' before each story (by some of Australia's top illustrators). This issue is simply stunning - fantastic stories and amazing art in full colour. Just superb. Order NOW!!!

52 pages, full colour, six stories, eight 'covers'. $22 per copy for the 1st print (getting low in stock) (including postage in Australia).
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'Blazing Combat' Aussie horror style, zombies, Vampires, aliens, telepaths - great stories and amazing art for this BIG 20th issue.

52 pages, 40 in colour, nine stories, eighteen contributors in total. $10 per copy (at shops and conventions), or $14 including postage in Australia.
(DECAY #12 remastered)

Coloured and formatted to US comic book size. This is the FIRST ever issue of DECAY at regular US comic book size.

48 pages in full colour, four complete Cthulhu stories, sixeen contributors in total. $10 per copy (at shops and conventions), or $14 including postage in Australia.
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Another 'Ozploitation' issue is here!!! Violent, sick, horrific - everything you love and demand - hey, the last 'Ozploitation' issue is the best selling issue of DECAY ever!!!     This issue has TWO variant covers!

Creators include: Ben Sullivan, Dave Dye, Dean Rankine, Alister Lockhart, Kurt Stone, Dragan Vignjevic, Karl Brandt, Nicole Kane, and Darren Koziol.

$10 per copy (at shops and conventions), or $14 including postage in Australia.
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Retro Sci-Fi Tales #3

The next eagerly awaited issue is here, with more amazing stories and incredible art. The cute and sexy 'Marilyn' returns in a new 9-page story! Both Penny Powers and Space Pirates continue. Plus Axis Alliance, Lost in Time and Foe Killer Jones. SIX awesome stories and eight fantastic 'covers'.
Creators include: Michal Dutkiewicz, Paul Mason, Greg Holfeld, Matt Kyme, Sarah Murray, Sacha Bryning, Frantz Kantor, Alister Lockhart, Pat McNamara, Tristan Tait, Matt James, John Ciarfuglia, Sean Krauter, Carlos Angeli, Ben Sullivan, Danny Nolan, April Hammond and Darren Koziol.

$12 per copy (at shops and conventions), or $17 including postage in Australia.
DECAY #21 - cover A
DECAY #21 - cover B
DARK OZ was the ONLY Australian publisher, or producer of any kind, at San Diego Comic Con in July 2016, launching 9 exclusive limited edition signed & numbered comics.
Sisters #1
Sisters #1
Vampires vs Bush Rangers

The Vampire ‘Sisters’ - sexy, bloodthirsty, ultra-violent, and more than a thousand years old. This is the first issue of their new ongoing series - previously the Sisters have appeared in several short stories in ‘DECAY’.

Regan, Mignon and Danikah - the three ‘Sisters’. This is a stand-alone story while also establishing the base of an ongoing series. If you’re already familiar with the girls then you’ll love this story as it expands on their time-line. If this is your first time you’ll quickly realise why they’re so popular.

This first issue contains a bumper 28-pages of story with incredible art by internationally renowned pin-up artist Michal Dutkiewicz, an amazing cover by Frantz Kantor, and written by creator Darren Koziol.
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Retro Sci-Fi Tales #3

Eight complete self contained short stories including the movie prequel of the new Australian horror film 'Red Billabong'. The front cover ties in with the main story 'High Tide' - toxic waste making sheep go rabid. Lots of great stories and amazing art.

Creators in this issue: Dave Dye, Matt Kyme, Ben Sullivan, Ben Michael Byrne, Luke Sparke (movie director), Kurt Stone, Matt James, James Broadhurst and Darren Koziol. 52-pages with 8 stories all for only $14.00 including postage.
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RED BILLABONG movie prequel comic in DECAY #22
DECAY #22 page samples
This first issue is a photo magazine of the Mad Max fan events at Silverton, Australia, over the last 7 years - with hundreds of photos of amazing replica vehicles and Mad Max 2 film location visits. 52-pages, full colour, hundreds of photos, and two complete 'Mad Max' influenced comic book stories. This is still the 1st print run, get in before stocks run out.
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First issue

Mad Max fan magazine
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #4
52-pages - 16 in colour - no adverts
The Vampire ‘Sisters’ meet a cosplayer Mad Max 'wannabe', for some violent 'fun' - fans of the movies will love this story!
And... introducing The F**k-Ups - brutal, mayhem, over-the-top blood, guts & violence - dark humour, hilarious!
Featuring 10 amazing creators
Only $10.00 for cover A or B (plus postage = $14.00)
Cover ‘C’ limited edition
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #4
52-pages - full colour - no adverts
8 fantastic short stories - 9 amazing pin-ups/covers
‘Christmas Magic’ brings fun & excitement with a sense of nostalgia as aliens visit the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. The 'Flight' trilogy is complete in this issue, plus heaps more!
From 17 amazing creators - All for just $12.00 (plus postage = $17.00)
The first ever  'NUDE'  cover for a DARK OZ comic - strictly limited to just 50 copies - with 4 extra pages (including covers A and B both with and without titles).
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DECAY #23 - cover B
DECAY #23 - cover A
DECAY #23 - cover C
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cover A
cover B
cover C
see internal page samples in the 'Shop' page on Facebook
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Retro Sci-Fi Tales #5
52-pages - full colour - no adverts
5 incredible short stories - 6 fantastic pin-ups/covers Introducing resolute reporter 'Kat Knightly' in our longest ever single issue story (at 16-pages)
From 13 amazing creators
All for just $12.00 (plus postage = $17.00)
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #5
The first ever calendar from DARK OZ - signed & numbered limited edition, only 50 copies made (numbered 1 to 50) - personally hand signed by every artist.
- Exclusive
- strictly limited to just 50 copies
- every page signed by the artist
- only 5 copies remaining
DECAY #24 - the FINAL issue
    DECAY - Australian horror - Ozploitation and exploitation.  Issue #24 contains five terrifying stories to thrill and excite - for Mature Readers.
    These comics are produced to the highest quality on gloss paper - 100gsm interiors and 120gsm cover - from the BEST printers in Australia.
    DECAY is Australia’s version of Heavy Metal, 2000AD and Tales From the Crypt, all combined in unbelievable, unimaginable, bizarre, extreme, bigger than life, exaggerated, over the top blood, guts and gore!
    If haven't read DECAY before, don't worry - every issue stands alone - you can enjoy any issue of DECAY in one sitting.
    DECAY #24 is the FINAL issue in this stunning series!

Cover A - $16 (includes postage in Australia)
Cover B - $16 (includes postage in Australia)
Cover C - $75 (includes postage in Australia)
NOTE - cover C - only 13 copies remain
Lance Henriksen has his copy of DECAY
FIRST issue!!!
#1 collector's item!
1st print!!!
Only $8.00
(plus $4.00 post = $12.00)
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cover A
cover B
cover C
Cover 'C'
the 'risque' limited edition
only 50 copies made
signed & numbered
contains 4 extra pages of art
(featuring covers A and B)
Cover A - cover art by Ben Sullivan
Cover B - cover art by Frantz Kantor
only $12.00 posted in Australia
DECAY #19 covers A to G
    ( pictured )
DECAY #19 cover H 2nd print
DECAY #19 cover H 1st print
DECAY #19 (April 2015) covers A to G  ( pictured )
Retro Sci-Fi Tales issues #6 and #7 are OUT NOW!!!  Order with the Paypal buttons below - only $17 each including postage (within Australia).  These are 52 big pages per issue in full colour and the highest quality in writing, art and printing/production.  SIX short stories per issue, NO adverts, and seven amazing covers/pin-ups per issue!  By some of the best creators around - every issue is an incredible showcase of Australian creators, with the odd international guest too.
Order NOW with these Paypal buttons
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issue #6
issue #7
NOTE - this issue comes with a WARNING - this issue is ultra sick and violent.  For fans of 'Wolf Creek', 'Human Centipede', 'Hostel' and 'Boxing Helena'.
Note - these two issues were both successfully funded on Kickstarter, to help cover some of the initial printing, production & distribution costs.  This was the first time Kickstarter was used for 'Retro Sci-Fi Tales', making the comics available to a wider international audience.
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Black Label Edition
order now!!!

Welcome to the Black Parade - the new line of 'Black Label' comics begins here, with issues 1 & 2 available NOW!!!

Issue #1 is 'The Wailing Wall' - a one-shot 24-page story (in a 32-page comic) of a brutal psychopath placed in the Vietnam War.

Issue #2 is 'Soldiers of Misfortune' - our group of seven nut-jobs go in with the best intentions, to help people, but they always mess it up!

The 'Black Label' series collect and re-master the BEST stories from DECAY, now formatted to US comic book size in stand alone one-shot comics. Each issue is also available as 'Limited Edition' version - limited to only 75 copies each, signed, with additional pages of bonus content, only sold as a pair.
Silver City #2
MAD MAX Fan Magazine

The world's first ever Mad Max Fan Magazine celebrates the 40th Anniversary of MAD MAX with this sensational second issue! An amazing collection of articles and photos! With contributions from original cast & crew, dedicated fans, replica vehicle builders, costume designers, artists, model makers, film documentaries, etc etc etc - a MUST HAVE for all Mad Max fans. Order NOW!!!
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Silver City
Silver City
Silver City
#1  AND  #2
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Both issues of the 'Black Label' comics are available in PDF format for only $10 total (Australian dollars - even cheaper in US dollars). Click the Paypal button and get BOTH issues in PDF format for only $10 (that's only $5 each) - no postage, no hidden costs. Easy!!!
issue #1
issue #2
Black Label limited edition 1
Black Label limited 2
issues #1 AND #2
OR digital PDF versions
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Both issues of 'Silver City' are available in PDF format for only $15 total (Australian dollars - even cheaper in US dollars). Click the Paypal button and get BOTH issues in PDF format for only $15 (that's only $7.50 each) - no postage, no hidden costs. Easy!!!