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November 2011

Cover by Simon Wright.Stories: "Sisters: The Bucket Of Blood", by DK & Cristian Navarro, 8 pages of sex and violence, "Under the Sycamore" by Jason Franks & Luke Andrew, "The Burial Plot" by Greg Chapman & John Stewart, "The Honeymooners" by DK & Gemma Burrato. Plus four 'Tales 2 Tremble By': "The Sisters: Hot in the City" by Simon Wright, "The Well" by Tom Green, "Gargoyles" by Tanya Nicholls, and "Harvester of Sorrow" by Shane Gates. Emerson Ward and Daniel Watts supply 'hosts'. Two international guests: Dave Kendall, page 3 'host', and John Higgins, back cover.

Issue 10 photo articles:
Armageddon Melbourne 2011
Adelaide Zomnie Walk 2011
AVCon/Oz Asia Festival 2011
Royal Show Ute Muster 2011
September 2011

Dan & Sally (front cover by Dave Heinrich) have some 'redneck' fun with target practice on zombies, until it all goes horribly wrong. The "Sisters" are featured with great 'girly' art in "Cheerleader Massacre". There's an all new "Killeroo" story, along with a 2-page 'making of' article. "Hosts" by industry legends Chris Wahl and Glenn Lumsden. "Tales 2 Tremble By" continue with 7 short stories (including 'Stanley Award' winning art by Dave Follett) with stories of body parts, cannibalism, giant spiders, serial killers, skeletons, murderous clowns and more cannibalism. Back cover by Gee Hale, and lots more.

Issue 9 Photo articles:
Supanova Sydney 18th to 19th June 2011
AvCon Adelaide 23rd to 24th July 2011
July 2011

Covers by Frantz Kantor and David Williams. Hosts by Lee Smith, Jason Paulos and Alister Lockhart. "Oz Zombie: Sanctuary" clashes zombies with religion. See the "Cobweb Man" face his demons. "The Hunt" gives you an excellent dose of fantasy. A series of short two-page stories brings horrific tales of Mummies, Zombies (on the Death Tram), trouble in space, aliens versus cowboys, serial killers and Vampires. There's also a gallery spotlighting Dave Heinrich's awsome art and another "making of" article.

Issue 8 Photo articles:
Supanova Brisbane 1st to 3rd April 2011
Melbourne Supanova 9th & 10th April 2011
Zombie Music by Aaron Stoquert
February 2011

Low in stock. Extremely popular front cover by James Fosdike. The "Oz Zombie Tales" story has stranded motorists in a traffic jam, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, being attacked in their cars by zombies. Tanya Nicholls supplies some of her best art work yet on "Sink Or Swim". "Animus" is a tale of revenge from beyond the grave. And we have a 4 page classic SCAR reprint "Skin Deep". We also have an international guest and Zombie master in Robert Sacchetto, supplying the page three 'host'.

Issue 6 Photo articles:
Pegazus: In Metal We Trust album cover "making of" by Michal Dutkiewicz
May 2011

Front cover by Lee Smith. Robert Sacchetto from Canada supplies the back cover. Toby Jackman from the U.K. supplies two stories: the really sick "The Cat's Mother" and a short Oz Zombie tale set in London. The main "host" on page 3 is by Australian icon Jason Paulos. We have another fantastic SCAR story "The Nymphon". Greg Chapman supplies a chilling Vampire story in "Blood Debt", and there's some great blood and guts spilling fun in the Oz Zombie tale titled "Zombies vs Bogans".

Issue 7 Photo articles:
Armageddon Sydney 26th & 27th February 2011
Armageddon Adelaide 5th & 6th March 2011
MAD MAX 2 30th anniversary 14th to 18th March
Dec 2010

The horrifying cover, of a Priest being dragged through the floorboards by Zombie children, is by Alister Lockhart. Alister has also both written and  illustrated the first story "Summit", a tale of two immortals in a brutal battle. The "Oz Zombie" story continues, with a new artist, set in an Adelaide high rise car park. SCAR supply "Hybridos: The Lost Planet". Tanya Nicholls writes "Maximum Terror", drawn by Travis Hendrix.

Issue 5 Photo articles:
Adelaide Zombie Walk 9th October 2010
Armageddon Melbourne 16th & 17th Oct 2010
MAD MAX Museum Silverton NSW
Sep 2010

Cover by Australian legend Glenn Lumsden, a new piece made just for DECAY in his line of 'Zombie Ned' illustrations. The first story is "Blood Red Rose Coloured Glasses", illustrated by Tanya Nicholls and written by Darren Koziol, a tale that goes to the extremes of absurdity in keeping your mate alive in war. Alister Lockhart's amazing "Abel" is the second story. There are two "Oz Zombie" stories as Tom Green finishes the first story arc and another artist starts the 'Adelaide' story arc.

Issue 4 Photo articles:
Supanova Sydney 19th & 20th June 2010
Avcon Adelaide 24th & 25th July 2010
July 2010

First prints, 40.00 each (including postage anywhere in Australia).
Cover by SCAR (Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr). Haunting art by Xavier Thomas on a sad disturbing story "The Memory Remains". Tanya Nicholls supplies "Crime and Corruption", one of her 'Circus Infinitus' tales. Shane Jiraiya Cummings and Adam "Ambo" StJohn bring "Spin The Witch Bottle". We jump back in time a bit for an "Oz Zombie" origins story. And Mark Hobby and Steve Colloff supply "Waste Of Time".

Issue 3 Photo articles:
Instantaneous 6 art auction/exhibition 4th May 2010
June 2010

INFECTOR is a mini sampler comic, sold at conventions. It reprinted various pages from past and future issues of DECAY.
Cover art by Chris Bolton


Infector Photo articles:
DECAY covers: so far and future
May 2010

Less than five copies left in stock - email for price.
Front cover by Zuda award winner James Fosdike. Dave Heinrich's "Deresolution Day" with some incredible art. "House Of Horrors", set in Adelaide in 1858, with fine detailed art by Steve Colloff. Another all new story by Aussie horror legends SCAR with "Amazulu". Tom Green continues "Oz Zombie".

Issue 2 Photo articles:
Adelaide Murder Tours
DECAY Launch party 22nd March 2010
March 2010

Less than a dozen copies available - email for price.
Front cover by Dave Heinrich.
First appearance of "The Skinned Man", drawn by Adam StJohn. Tom Green draws "Oz Zombie", set in Largs Bay and Semaphore, just out of Adelaide. A new 4 page story by SCAR, "Reap What You Sew", and a classic SCAR reprint "Carnivore". Also "SLAM: Suicidal Land Miner's", a tale of very dark humour: killing two birds with one stone by getting suicidal people to step on landmines.

Issue 1 Photo articles:
Adelaide Zombie Walk October 2009
December 2011
Featuring 12 pages in colour and work by 24 creators.

Black comedy, dark humour, evil Santa killing kids, etc. Fourteen Christmas pin-ups (ten in colour) and nine short stories by many of Australia's best creators: Frantz Kantor, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Alister Lockhart, Paul Abstruse, Jason Paulos, Greg Holfeld, David Williams, Glenn Lumsden, Dave Follett, Lee Smith, Gee Hale, Daniel Watts, John Stewart, Tanya Nicholls, Drew Close, Jason Goungor, Tom Green, SCAR, Scott Cranna, Cristian Navarro, Goo, Tomte, and Darren Koziol. That's 24 creators in one issue

Issue 11 photo articles:
Brisbane Supanova November 2011
2011: the year in review (in colour)
April 2012

Less than five copies left - email for price.
The DECAY tribute to H.P. Lovecraft and CTHULHU. 52 pages with 20 pages in colour.
Four complete all-new Cthulhu stories ("Ironclad", "Bombs Away", "The Mine", and "The Waterfall on the Edge of the World") by Darren Koziol, Glenn Lumsden, John Stewart, Tanya Nicholls, and Cristian Navarro. Plus a gallery of all-new Cthulhu pin-ups by Australia's top creators: Lee Smith, Jason Paulos, Nahum Ziersch, Jan Scherpenhuizen, David Williams, Dave Heinrich, Emerson Ward, Ryan Wilton, Tanya Nicholls, SCAR, Colin Wells, Dénes Nagy, Danikah Harrison.

Issue 12 feature:
Cthulhu gallery
August 2012

Cover by Frantz Kantor. "Oz Zombie: Zombie Chainsaw Massacre" by DK & Charith Wijewardane. Blood soaked Danikah by Lee Smith. Matthew Currey and Hayden Fryer bring a haunting tale set in a cabin in the woods. John Higgins (Watchmen, Judge Dredd, 2000AD) paints the prologue page to "Sniper 84", and is then teamed up with Dave Heinrich who has drawn the 4 page story. There's two violent blood thirsty "Sisters" stories. Jason Paulos draws "Oz Zombie: Zombies Don't Shop". And Erin McGregor and Melissa Waterman draw "In the Garden", a pitiful tale of an old man who has fallen down in his garden and can't get back up. Back cover by Nahum Ziersch.

Issue #13 photo articles:
Supanova Melbourne & Sydney 2012
Oz Comic Con Adelaide & Melbourne 2012
DECAY #14 - "END OF THE WORLD" special
December 2012

This is a fantastic "End of the World" issue.
Doomsday type stories are always popular.
Includes stories inspired by "THE WAR OF THE WORLDS" and "ALICE IN WONDERLAND"
22 pages in colour, 30 pages in black & white.
Nine stories about the end of the world, including: Atrocity Exhibition, Alice's Adventures in Zombieland, Falling Skies, Black Out Sun, On the Beach, The Last Humans, After Birth, Zombie Apocalypse, and Triumph of the Red Weed.
Creators: Jason Paulos, Mick Anderson, Jake Rundle, Charith Wijewardane, Jan Scherpanhuizen, Kurt Stone, Alister Lockhart, Danos Philopoulos, John Fitch, Randy Silverman, Dave Heinrich (cover), SCAR, Lachlan Creagh, Paul Brisk, Riyahd Cassiem, Rayaan Cassiem, and Darren Koziol.

Issue 14 photo article:
Adelaide Zombie Walk 2012 - in colour
DECAY #15 - March 2013
- the three year anniversary of DECAY, released with three variant covers each featuring the three beautiful "Sisters", the sexiest and most viscous Vampires you'll ever meet. One of the stories from this issue, 'Death From Above', was selected (by Kevin Eastman) to run in Heavy Metal magazine (issue #268, May 2014).
    In this issue: 10 complete short stories featuring two stories of the "Sisters" and four zombie stories set in the "Oz Zombie" universe. Plus monsters, violence, alien worlds, and "Swastika Dreaming" - a prelude to the upcoming "Caged Women vs Zombie Nazis in the Keep". Some fantastic art and stories you don't want to miss. Three covers by Alister Lockhart, Steve Lehmann and Ashley Clapperton, plus a fantastic image of Shyla Jennings as 'Danikah' from the "Sisters" on the back cover, and two sexy 'hosts' inside the comic by Lauren Hills. Stories by Paul Abstruse, Jason Paulos, Alister Lockhart, Kurt Stone, Randy Silverman, Federico De Luca, Toby Jackman, Ken Best, Danos Philopoulos, Troy Mayes, Adam Hadley, Salathiel Anacleto and Zach Cassidy.
    52 pages with 28 in colour. 10 complete stories with 4 writers and 10 artists, a total of 18 creative talents. High quality production standards throughout, printed on top quality gloss paper.    An issue not to be missed. Order NOW.
July 2013

Eleven complete short stories including Dillon Naylor's & Greg Gates' debuts for DECAY. Alister Lockhart supplies the amazing front cover and fully painted eight page story to match (seriously stunning art). There's heaps of zombies, aliens, serial killers, the "Sisters", and loads more. A total of 18 contributors in the one issue: Simon Wright, Paul Briske, Kurt Stone, Hayden Fryer, Steve Lehmann, Ken Best, Tanya Nicholls, Darren Koziol, and heaps more.
    52 pages with 20 in colour. High quality production standards throughout, printed on top quality gloss paper.
    Order NOW.
Australian made and owned
Charlie Laine
Shyla Jennings
DECAY #15 back cover: Shyla Jennings as Danikah
from the "Sisters"
DECAY #16 back cover: Charlie Laine as Minion
from the "Sisters"
March 2014

A 'Mature Readers' title, definitely not for the squeamish, from some of the best creators in Australia. Classic exploitation and Ozploitation comes to life in DECAY, in the classic tradition of cult exploitation movies from the 70's and 80's. There are five complete short stories of very disturbing subject matter, over the top violence, nudity and plenty of gore. 'The Ties That Bind', the sickest story EVER in the pages of DECAY, is a combination of Frankenstein, The Human Centipede and Boxing Helena. 'The Bashed Man' is just ten pages of a guy getting brutally and savagely beaten. There's two 'Sisters' stories, really cool stuff (including 'The Sisters vs the Nuns of the SS Gestapo). Plus violent bikers come off the screen to massacre a cinema audience. And a personal interview with Greg McLean on Wolf Creek 2. Great stuff.
September 2014

Thirteen complete stories by two-dozen incredible creators. A seriously amazing anthology of writers, artists, stories, styles, imagery, and a great variety of horror themes. Awesome front cover by Nahum Ziersch. 28-pages in colour, 24 in B&W. Two stories of the sexy Vampire 'Sisters', including "Class of 2014". "Bacchus Marsh - the Werewolves of Melbourne" with an amazing back cover by Chris Wahl.
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